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I’m a strategic designer and art director who thrives on creative collaboration. I enjoy working with others who value the design process and realize the impact of design in culture. Throughout my career I have sought after simple, elegant solutions and have kept positive relationships at the heart of everything I do.

  • Extremely professional and incredibly personable. It was a pleasure to work with him--and I'd jump at the opportunity to do so again.
    Drew Letendre
    Definition Branding LLC
  • Bryan has an impeccable sense of customer service and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.
    Leilani Pearl
    Chief Communications Officer at Parkinson's Foundation
  • Bryan is a very creative and reliable partner in the graphic and web design space - world class results
    Jeffrey Corey
    Corporate and Marketing Communications Consultant
Alongside a diverse skillset I exercise human-centered practices to discover creative solutions.

Educated Dialog

Good work requires clear communication. I advocate for proper solutions through healthy and productive dialog.

Vision & Research

I audit brand products and touchpoints and compare them with design history and current trends.

Conceptual Thinking

I bring thoughtful concepts to the table. I’m aware of limits but don’t allow them to curtail essential creativity.

Empathy & Awareness

“People first” because good results will follow an awareness of circumstances, scenarios, and the needs people have in context.

Lettering & Symbols

I can design customized symbols and letterforms for products and brand identity systems.

Layout & Typography

Justified? Rag right? Kearning, leading, hyphen, en or em dash, quote versus inch marks ... yep! I get it.

Style & Image Craft

I work with illustrators, photographers, retouchers and motion designers to create unique and customized artwork.

Prototyping & Flow

I can map the end-user’s experience and create prototypes that increase in fidelity as a product progresses.

Art & Tech

UI/UX requires a healthy dose of both art and science. I can balance data with the intuitive aspects of art and design theory.


Time and money are precious finite resources. I manage both and understand what they mean to the bottom line.

3-point shot

Need a glue guy for your college program? Ask my son. I taught him how to shoot along with a few old-school moves.

Print & Digital

I have a strong command of current and classic tools to get the job done (e.g Miro, Sketch, Figma, Adobe CC to name a few).

If you would like to discuss a project
please reach out to design[at]ranzen.haus
– I hope to hear from you soon! —